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Necklace Length Guide

Choker: 16”/40.5cms
Both classic and versatile, a 14-16 inch choker falls perfectly around the base of the neck. A simple choker necklace matches any outfit and just about any neckline, goes very well with a business suit.

Princess necklace: 18”/45.5cms
One of the most popular necklace lengths, the princess necklace is best suited for crew and high necklines, falling just below the throat. Typically 17-19 inches long, you can wear the princess length as a contrast to low, plunging necklines. Add a pendant for a bold, eye-catching look. This length looks great with a tailored jacket.

Matinee necklace: 20-26”/51-66cms
The matinee necklace is a good choice for casual or work wear. It looks great worn with a shorter necklace for a layered style.

Opera necklace: 28-36”/71-91.5cms
Ranging from 28-36”, the opera necklace is very versatile. Wear it as a single or double strand. Perfect for high or crew necklines, its versatility allows the opera necklace to transform from day to evening wear with elegant ease.

Rope necklace: 40-46”/1.2m
A long necklace without a clasp which fits over the head, the versatile rope necklace is a must-have accessory! Can be worn as a double strand or knotted. Infinitely elegant and classic, this necklace dresses up any outfit night or day.

Lariats: 48”/1.3m or a shorter style 23-27”/58.5-68.5cms
A lariat is actually one long strand that can be knotted or wrapped in a number of stylish ways to create a variety of looks. For ideas on how to wear see: lariat style ideas.

Credits: Love your Rocks

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